God is love!  Therefore, it is vital we connect to Him and His family.  We want to help you make three important connections at Plain Dealing Baptist.


Connect to Christ -through a personal relationship with Him.  Brokenness, loneliness and emptiness are transformed when we turn to Jesus! He, alone has made it possible to be forgiven, given a new life and start over again!  


Connect to the Church - through membership. You can be a part of God’s forever family right here on earth. If you have never been baptized, we would love to speak with you about taking this important step.  If you are a member of another church, we take care of that contact for you. Let us know by coming forward during any service and or indicate your desire on the guest communication card. Membership classes are offered periodically to help you understand the benefits and responsibilities of membership. 


Connecting to Community -through a small group Sunday School Class. We offer age appropriate classes for the entire family.  We believe that disciples begin to develop when they are doing life with other like-minded disciples. Classes are offered every Sunday morning at 10 AM. We will be ready to help you find your community when you arrive.  


Health equates to growth!  Therefore, it is vital we focus on our spiritual faith walk with Jesus.  We will help you focus on three primary areas that help us develop our spiritual health.


Learning about the WORD -the Bible is the Word of God.  We believe it is God’s love letter to his people.  We get to know Him as we engage with the Word.  Our goal is to help you hear it, read it, study it, memorize it, and OBEY it.  Our goal is that your experience with the Word is more than a simple academic exercise. It should be an experience that transforms your life and way of thinking into a biblical worldview.


Learning about the WALK -every disciple needs to develop some personal disciplines or habits that help them maintain their spiritual health. These disciplines are taught periodically from the pulpit as well as on Sunday evenings during our training time for adults.  Children and Students learn them through the course of their regular small group materials.  These habits include prayer, Bible study, worship, service, evangelism, submission and confession.  

Learning about the WORK - Our discipleship ministry is designed to help you growth in your faith and take practical steps to put your faith into action. Transformational small groups meet regularly to dig deeper into God's Word and understand how it applies to daily life. Accountability is part of the process of growing in Christ and serving others.  


Jesus led by serving!  If we truly follow Jesus, we will follow his example and serve others.  We believe all of us have three vital resources we want to manage well so we can serve others.


Use our time wisely – Each of us has the same amount of time guaranteed-TODAY.  We have no promise of tomorrow. What if today was all we had…would that change your priorities, your focus and your obedience?  Each of us is experiencing a SEASON in life.  Some are in school, some are just married, some are raising children, some have an empty nest, some are spoiling grandkids, and others are adjusting to being single and alone.  Regardless of our season, we want to leverage the time of our season for the glory of God.  No matter the day or the season, we have an opportunity to serve others. 


Use our talents willingly  every Christ follower has been given a spiritual gift or gifts to serve others for their good and God’s glory.  We want to help you identify your giftedness, your personality, your passions and your life experiences.  Together they have shaped you and prepared you to serve.  We have some tools to help you discover and implement your SHAPE.


Use our treasures worthily  every Christ follower has been blessed with material resources.  In fact, everything we have is a gift from God.  We want to learn how to manage it well.  So, we ask ourselves the ownership question:  Is this mine or God’s?  Once we settle that question, we need to ask ourselves the “how much” question:  How much do I give back to God?  Once we realize God wants something for us instead of from us, we can then ask ourselves the development question:  How can I leverage more of my resources for God’s glory? Being a good manager of our material resources give us peace of mind!


Jesus said, “Go…make disciples…”  Therefore, it is vital that we learn how to make disciples. Even better, what if we make disciples who make disciples?  Every Christ follower can follow Jesus’ example of making disciples who make disciples.  We will train you with Bible based lessons and intentional strategies to help you share your story and God’s story with the hopes of helping others make it their story!  Once someone becomes a disciple, you will help them become a disciple maker and multiply their influence.  We want to help you see your initial investment in their lives multiply all over our city and our community.